Company Pelcko s.r.o. focuses on the production of Krone wood pellets for all types and brands of stoves, thermostoves and boilers. It is one of the first pellet production companies in Slovakia.

pelety goldUnlike other fuels, Krone pellets do not contain compounds that are toxic to man and the environment. The raw material for production comes from the processing of virgin spruce boards only, with the complete exclusion of wood already used. By using modern production processes all the needs of binders, adhesives or dyes are removed what guarantees a natural and 100% pure product. The entire production process from the arrival of sawdust to the exit of the finished product is closely monitored by our specialized staff with advanced and automated technology.

Stable deliveries, possibility of branding

We are ensuring a stable supply - we are still replenishing the warehouse, so you can rely on the availability of products. In addition, we offer customers the option of branding, i.e. creating their own brand.

logo en plusWe hold the EN PLUS - A1 quality certificate issued by TÜV NORD Czech, s.r.o. based on inspection report no. BEA2019189 performed by BEA Institut für Bioenergie GmbH.